A Change of Heart

On a rainy day… a day when I thought I was gone for sure, the most remarkable thing happened…
August 30, 2611 2:09 pm :Thought Log:
We were on our way to a critical pass. Capturing that area would give us the advantage.
 It was then that our convoy was hit by one of them damn landmines. How on earth they found our convoy location, I do not know.
 The impact hurled me towards the side, I hit a tree and I passed out. 
The searing pain woke me up after some time. My left leg was severely damaged. The rain made it worse. 
 Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the nearby jungle had taken a keen interest in me.
 “This is bad.”, I thought. I scared away a couple of tigers, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up. My power was draining like crazy. I would not last another day. It was clear. 
This is how my life would end. 
Years of struggle, defeats, sweet victories, friendships and conquests, all ending up in nothing. The “Great Steel” they called me, the one that would bring us victory. Little did they know that their leader would die a death that  befits a beggar.
 August 30, 2611, 11:07 pm :Thought Log:
My power was low and draining. I was ready to embrace the end. 
“Are you okay?! Show me your life-meter!”, a voice tore apart the silence. My sight was giving up on me but I could just make out, to my utter surprise, that it was a girl, a little girl of flesh and blood.
 “You ought to be careful!”, she said in her squeaky little voice. 
 Over a period of 2 days, she took care of me, fixed me up. 
In the glowing light of her kindness, I stood in utter shame, the shadow of my violence staring at me blankly. 
 10 years ago, the first Human-Robot war had started. Millions of casualties to both the sides. And what did it yield? Pain sorrow, and endless grief.
 And what the war could never give me, was handed to me by this little act of kindness. 
 It made me happy.
 The day I woke up in full strength, the girl was gone.
 After a 3 day long journey, I was reunited with my troops. They were ready to take revenge for their leader. But I knew what I had to do.
 PROPERTY OF UNITED STATES ARCHIVES, RELEASED ON PUBLIC INTEREST .(*GENERAL RUBEN was the last and most prolific ROBOT leader and was instrumental in the end of the HUMAN-ROBOT war and the subsequent signing of the DELHI TREATY in 2613 that brought world wide peace and Disarmament. His transformation from a ruthless conqueror to a peaceful ROBOT, nullified the HAWKING rule that robots eventually turn deadly and can never change.)

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A Letter of Doom

I have something to tell you…!
I stumble upon the dead people. Women, children, men all torn into pieces.
Houses destroyed, burning. I stare in utter horror, I as see a once prosperous, happy village, lay in ruins.
It all started a month back. At first it was just strays. Goats, cattle torn into pieces and spread on the ground, right in the middle of the village, as if it had been eaten by evil itself.
Village folks assumed it was the work of a lion or tiger from the forest nearby. Measures were taken, fences were mend, doors were locked. Once again, people felt safe. Everyone but me. To me, the carcass of the poor animal smelled like doom. There was something about the brutality of the killings, which said that it wasn’t the work of another animal.
Everyone was back to normal, except me. I slept uneasily. I had these nightmares… Nightmares of a monster, a being so evil, so ruthless and with features so horrific, that even death ran from it. I saw this creature devouring, tearing and eating anything and everything in its path. I became sad, tired and weak. My sleeplessness drove me to madness.
Meanwhile, the village killings had increased, both in number and in brutality.The “animal” was now declared a man-eater.People ran.
Some stayed. Only handful of them managed to survive.
One night, I woke up from a particularly disturbing nightmare, where the monster ripped the heart out of a poor man. I woke up with a start. I woke up in the middle of a burning, blood filled ruin. It WAS my village. I staggered to my feet and looked around. All I saw was bodies and blood.
I stumble upon the dead people. Women, children, men all torn into pieces.
Houses destroyed, burning. I stare in utter horror, I as see a once prospoereous, happy village lay in ruins.
In all this, I realized a bit late, that I was holding something.
Opening my hand, I saw a fully formed human heart…
This letter i throw in the lake, for you people on the other side. Run. Hide. Rrrrun beforeeee I turn into HIM againkjdkdnasdnf ,.dasf,.dfasdsm.f….
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