The Discovery

Captains Log: We have been traveling for over 23 years. The crew, the ageing crew, is now transferring critical knowledge to younger members, who are now ready to take up senior positions in the ship. Their optimism is praiseworthy. But is it of any importance?
Five years back, we warped straight into what I can only describe as a black-hole pin-ball. One after the other, we kept getting sucked into these black holes and it was ripping the ship apart.Somehow, we managed to get to the other side of this crazy freak-show of nature. Our ship was just about holding itself together.

Disoriented and confused, all we could do was follow the Prime directive, and find the nearest habitable planet and contact the High Command.

Space faring is not for the fainthearted. All this time alone in the vast nothingness of space… Sanity is about the only thing you can hope to latch onto. And for good reason. Space is a hostile environment, and most of it is out to kill you. One must always stay on guard to protect oneself and his or her brethren.

We coasted along a series of planets and with most of our mapping equipment not functioning, our best guess was that we were inside a solar system.
Things were looking very bleak when all of a sudden, there was a glimmer of hope.
Sensors picked up signs of life! We followed the sensor signals and lo and behold! There it was!

A massive blue ball, our beacon of hope! Joyous claps erupted! Land! We had found land after years in the numbing isolation. A moment to savor!

But in our revelry was silenced almost as abruptly as it had begun. The planet had armed all it’s weapons and locked onto us.

A hostile planet. What luck! After all this time, we find a planet that harbors life and this is what we are greeted with? We put our lives at stake so that the people benefit from the knowledge gathered, and the universe is peaceful. And this is how we are repaid?  NO. I shall take none of it.

We struck them with all we had. Phasers, canons, plasma, you name it. And we did not stop until we decimated everything. We obliterated all signs of life. They paid in full for their disregard for our sacrifices. And finally, my crew was safe. I protected my family. And I’ll do it all over again if I have to.
Soon after, I sent a crew of 4 to inspect the now dead planet. They reported nothing much, except piles of dead bodies and the smell of rotting flesh, until, all we heard was static…
After a long pause, I heard my commander-in-chief’s voice:
“What? Be clearer Aden…”, I was irritated and curious.
“Sir, I found a piece of paper like material with some text on it. It is of an ancient vernacular, roughly translates to ‘THE GUARDIAN, 26th November 2017’…”
“Sir, I think we’ve traveled through TIME…”

What have we done.
What have we done.What have we done.


The Butler Did It

“I pulled most of my funds for this.”
“Is this the right thing?”
“Am I undoing a whole lot of good for nothing?”
No, NO. I shake these thoughts off and steel my resolve. I have to go ahead with this.
This city needs saving, and no one else I know has the resources to do so, other than this kid I care for.
All he needs is the motivation, and that’s where I come in.
I’m trying to convince myself that what I’m doing is not utterly terrible, but for the greater good.
But how, how can I ignore the sheer monstrosity of it all?
I assure you I take no pleasure in the chain of events that I’m supposedly setting off, unlike my employer, my real employer. He seems to take a keen interest in what the future holds for this city. And in that do I put all my faith, that somehow this madness will redeem this city and stop it in its path to self-destruction. Hence, I commit this heinous act.
I meet the man identified for the job at Robinson Park and hand him the money and the gun.
The Waynes should be on their way to the theater now.

Master Bruce, your journey towards becoming this city’s knight in the shining armor has begun.

The Battle

And inevitably, it dawned upon me that my enemy was close. I could feel it, the breathing down my neck, absolute and inevitable.
I look up and there it was, the monstrosity, staring me in the face. And in a fit of rage I pounced, only to get a response matching, and perhaps surpassing my own vigour.
We wrestle, like mad, rabid dogs, like we were battling for the first time, and the truth could not be further. We fought, and fought and we fought some more, and then it was all over.
I got up, dusted myself and walked away, ready and perhaps a little bit wiser for the next time.

Monday had been dealt with.


I bought a pen today, from a face so sad,
It made me look at my life, and see the things that I’ve had.

You could see the pain of sorrow,for her eyes were misty and red,
You would not like to buy anything, but give her a hug instead.

So I bought the pen from her, and so happy she was, oh boy!
And I paid for it, not with money you see, I paid for it, with joy.

The Linear Approach

Point (A) Blog starts here. Or does it? Let me give you an example:

I draw a line segment and name it AB.Now most of us immediately imagine “A” as the point were the line segment starts and “B” a the point where it ends. That pretty much sums it up.

Our perspectives are vaguely limited. Like , very few people will question the whether A and B are singular points on a plane containing a line segment or are they merely two points on an endless line/ Or is this the only line? Or are we talking about a magnified circle.

Before you (rightly) take me to be crazy, I would like to explain. What I meant was: Human beings have a tremendous quality and capacity to question things. The fact that we can question our existence signifies our evolved psyche. Questioning things has brought us where we are, not only in terms of  exploration or science, but also as a society (read all freedom movements.).
But how much of this capability do you really use? We don’t triumphantly high five each other after we walk five paces, do we? Why not? Because we are capable of it. It’s no big deal. So why is questioning our existence, or finding a deeper meaning so revered?
The fact that we can do it and so many of us do do it suggests that something like this comes naturally to us. The bigger question is : Are we knocking on the right doors?
Most of our theories regarding things that we don’t quite understand are, well, brilliant. The genesis of universe, our concept of time are amazingly sensible and detailed. But that’s what they are: concepts. What amuses me is our notion of “start and end”.Everything we encounter must start and end. We are so obsessed with the idea of genesis and demise of objects that we tend to see things through that very scope. Things that may not essentially follow this rule. Things that perpetually go on, which do not start or end. What we do know is that this universe is a living, breathing entity. It’s a dynamic explosion of chain reactions and a mind boggling cocktail of cause and effects. It’s just that we are not looking at it correctly.

All I’m trying to say here is that time, the universe and other stuff (well, I don’t know everything) could just not be a simple line segment. It could be layers of sheets, universes co-existing and continuing in amazing harmony, with time ebbing and flowing around this beautiful arrangement. For start and end are terms that are merely human. For all we know, our existence is one big, dynamic perpetuality. Confusing? Let me clear this up with an example, go to Point (A)


The first kiss, the first walk in the rain. How much do you really remember of it?
They do define you? For a while, yes. But after a while, the mark a certain life event has left on you, goes.

So the thing is…Wait, why not make this blog an experience too! So what I was saying is,

A life, that’s metamorphosed into this cluster of memories that forms a definitive being that is you.

All in God’s Work

God: So, how’s it going?

Apprentice: Same old same old. Strife, war, peace at places. Nothing out of the ordinary.

God: Hmm, something I expected, but really hoped it wouldn’t come to.

Apprentice: Really, you actually don’t know the course this world will take?

God: No. I can only observe. I never even knew that human beings would come into existence, let alone their fate. So what I set into motion was a domino effect, a chain of events if you will, culminating into the state of Earth as it is today.

Apprentice: So, you don’t have a bearing on what happens everyday?

God: No. But in a way, I’m the biggest causal effect that the universe ever had. So, a major reason of what is happening today is me. But that is because I triggered the genesis of it all.

Apprentice: So are human beings fools to be praying to you, preaching your name?

God: The design of the universe facilitated the emergence of a dominant organism. I never thought it’d be those monkeys, but look where they stand now.Yet, the more profound realities of this universe remain quite unknown to them.They are only at a nascent stage of self-realization.It will take time for them to truly understand what my and their existence means.So if they do not self-destruct, they are in the right path to do so.
So, they shall struggle to know what I truly am, they mistake me for their caretaker and ultimate savior, but time will come when they realize that I’m just a creator, a being, who didn’t even expect their existence a few billion years ago. But ultimately, they should get there, ultimately they shall realize that I’m as perplexed, as normal and as ‘humane’ as they are. Only stronger.

Apprentice: Hmm, food for thought…

God: Enough for today, let’s get t work. This universe won’t make itself.