The Discovery

Captains Log: We have been traveling for over 23 years. The crew, the ageing crew, is now transferring critical knowledge to younger members, who are now ready to take up senior positions in the ship. Their optimism is praiseworthy. But is it of any importance?
Five years back, we warped straight into what I can only describe as a black-hole pin-ball. One after the other, we kept getting sucked into these black holes and it was ripping the ship apart.Somehow, we managed to get to the other side of this crazy freak-show of nature. Our ship was just about holding itself together.

Disoriented and confused, all we could do was follow the Prime directive, and find the nearest habitable planet and contact the High Command.

Space faring is not for the fainthearted. All this time alone in the vast nothingness of space… Sanity is about the only thing you can hope to latch onto. And for good reason. Space is a hostile environment, and most of it is out to kill you. One must always stay on guard to protect oneself and his or her brethren.

We coasted along a series of planets and with most of our mapping equipment not functioning, our best guess was that we were inside a solar system.
Things were looking very bleak when all of a sudden, there was a glimmer of hope.
Sensors picked up signs of life! We followed the sensor signals and lo and behold! There it was!

A massive blue ball, our beacon of hope! Joyous claps erupted! Land! We had found land after years in the numbing isolation. A moment to savor!

But in our revelry was silenced almost as abruptly as it had begun. The planet had armed all it’s weapons and locked onto us.

A hostile planet. What luck! After all this time, we find a planet that harbors life and this is what we are greeted with? We put our lives at stake so that the people benefit from the knowledge gathered, and the universe is peaceful. And this is how we are repaid?  NO. I shall take none of it.

We struck them with all we had. Phasers, canons, plasma, you name it. And we did not stop until we decimated everything. We obliterated all signs of life. They paid in full for their disregard for our sacrifices. And finally, my crew was safe. I protected my family. And I’ll do it all over again if I have to.
Soon after, I sent a crew of 4 to inspect the now dead planet. They reported nothing much, except piles of dead bodies and the smell of rotting flesh, until, all we heard was static…
After a long pause, I heard my commander-in-chief’s voice:
“What? Be clearer Aden…”, I was irritated and curious.
“Sir, I found a piece of paper like material with some text on it. It is of an ancient vernacular, roughly translates to ‘THE GUARDIAN, 26th November 2017’…”
“Sir, I think we’ve traveled through TIME…”

What have we done.
What have we done.What have we done.


The Nature of Our Being

And ladies and gentlemen, it is done. The Final Front have defeated The Reign! The word monarch has fallen.”, veteran central T.V. anchor Rajon Gulliver announced.

“This is the end of an era. The class society has been defeated, the slaves rejoice at the Center Arch as we speak. This is landmark news, isn’t it Edna?”

Edna, the co-anchor, reciprocated the beaming, glee-filled radiance that his fellow anchor was portraying,
“It definitely is Rajon. It is the day people were waiting for. Liberation from the hierarchical society we are living in. And a hope for a classless world, the far fetched dream of an Utopia that finally seems possible…”

“I’m sorry Edna, I’ll have to cut you there, we have the Commander Latheos, live from the Center Arch. Commander, it is over, 20 years of bloody war, and now it is all over.”

“Yes, happiest days of our lives! Now we can go forward with Project Regen. A perfect world is
waiting for us!”

“Yes Commander, indeed it is. Say, Commander, just for our young viewers and for the uninitiated,
I doubt there are any, please repeat our grand plans for the ultimate renaissance.”

“It will an honour. In search of a classless society and a world where everyone is an equal, we take some drastic but necessary steps. First, we give up all technology, in order to come clean with nature and pay
her our tribute, for we have wronged her. Next, and more importantly, we all take the Red Pill, that will be provided to each person by Final Front representatives. This pill will take us into a deep sleep and we wake up with no memory of this wretched present.We wake as free men, equal men. And then it is done.”
“The clocks shall be reset and man shall be reborn.This will be the corner stone of our Utopia,  and we shall call it Earth.”

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